Pengurus ADC

Advisory Board

Dr. Moch. Ali bin Dachlan (PhD in Social Science) is the advisory head and Founder of Ali Dachlan Center. He is a social activist, researcher and lecturer in several universities in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Barat including Gunung Rinjani University, a university he founded in 1997. His research concerns Sasak and Badui culture and adat, economy, peace studies, political behavior, education and government. He has been Bupati (Regent) of East Lombok district for two periods 2003-2008 and 2013-2018.

Executive Board

Dr. Saipul Hamdi is the current Director of Ali Dachlan Center (2017 - 2022). He has a Ph.D. in Religious and Cross-Cultural Studies from Gadjah Mada University. His research focuses on de-radicalization, terrorism, socio-religious conflict, pesantren, peace studies, religious organizations, Islamic transnational movements, Islamic feminism, migration and local politics in Indonesia. He lectures in universities in Kalimantan and Lombok and has held Visiting Fellowships at National University of Singapore (2009), Ateneo de Manila University (2008), Sasakawa Foundation Japan (2008), and Monash University, Australia (2010).  His academic research has been published in national and international journals and his books include Nadhlatul Wathan di Era Reformasi: Agama, Konflik Komunal dan Peta Rekonsiliasi (Nadhlatul Wathan in the Reformation Era: Religion, Communal Conflict and Reconciliation in Lombok, Indonesia, 2014) and Pesantren dan Gerakan Feminisme di Indonesia (Pesantren and Feminism in Indonesia, 2017). Hamdi's articles also feature regularly in local newspapers in Lombok.

M. Zaki Pahrul Hadi is the current Secretary of Ali Dachlan Center. He has a Masters in Linguistics from Semarang State University, Indonesia and is the Founder and CEO of ETRA, a private English Institute located in Mataram, Lombok. He is also a lecturer at Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Bahasa Asing Bumigora Mataram, Lombok. His research focuses on education, language, and Sasak culture.

Research Team

Dr. Ferry Muhammadsyah Siregar received his Ph.D from the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) at Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta Indonesia (2014). He is lecturer in several universities across Indonesia including STP Pontianak and Moestopo University Jakarta.  He served as expert staff of the House of Representative of Republic of Indonesia (Komite III DPD-RI 2016). He was Editor and Author of the UGM Graduate School Press (2007-2015). He was also one of editorial team for the Kawistara Jurnal Sosial dan Humaniora, Jurnal Teknosains, and Jurnal Ketahanan Nasional of the UGM Graduate School. He was Fulbright’s Postdoctoral Fellow (2017), SEASREP’s Posdoctoral Fellow (2015), an exchange student of CRCS at Temple University, USA (2005) and Graduate fellow at Asia Research Institute NUS Singapore (2008 and 2009). His research interest is on Religious and cultural Studies, Islamic Studies, Tafsir Ta'wil and Quranic Hermeneutic, Islamic Classical Text, Indonesian Pesantrens and Madrasahs, Islamic movements and Globalization, Religious Leader and Charismatic Leadership, the Anthropology and Sociology of Islam and Muslim Cultures. 

Ahmad Efendi is a researcher in the Democracy, Regional Autonomy and Local Politics Program. He has a Masters in Political Science from Gadjah Mada University. Efendi is also a lecturer in Islamic Communication (Da'wah) at Islamic State University of Mataram. His research and publications concern politics, democracy, economy and globalization in Indonesia.